Puppy Parent Survival Course

Puppies, Puppies, Puppies, but what to do?

It's an exciting time, your puppy has arrived. Now the crazy stuff starts. We want to be there to help you through the roller coaster ride that is 'THE PUPPY JOURNEY'. Between the age of 8 - 18 weeks is so so important to your puppies development. Everything they learn and experience at this stage will dictate how they approach and react to the world as they get older.   

This course, with 12 modules, including video tutorials and documentation, will help you navigate the ups and downs of your puppy experience. We will share all of the secret and tips that we have developed over the years of raising our own puppies.

What breeders are saying about the course  : 'As a responsible breeder we guide our families with finding a puppy class that is well run and taken by an experienced force free trainer.  Darran ticks all those boxes and is on our list for families located near him. With Covid 19 lock-down striking us just as we had a litter going to their forever families we didn’t want them to not have access to a great puppy course no matter their location.  Darran had his online course up and running in days and it was perfect for our families.  The content is great and the way it is delivered is very easy to learn from.  

We raise our puppies using Puppy Culture so is very important to us that our families continue to learn about raising a puppy in a force free home from the moment they take puppy home.  We highly recommend Darran at Mindfulness4Dogs.

Nicole & Kim - Tui Ridge Australian Labradoodles NZ"

What Clients are saying about the course "Darran runs a fantastic online video service which we've signed up for with 2-3 minute videos and I'm making everybody watch them because we want to have the same commands. Your videos, Darran, are so great they are so straight forward and we are watching them and trying to follow them. We've read a lot of your stuff, Darran and watched the videos beforehand, because anyone getting a new puppy right know that's what I'd be suggesting to do." - Carly Flyn and Alfie - (The Cafe, TV3, Weekend Live - Magic Talk)

Modules for this course 7

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